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Global Alts investment opportunities are available solely to investors who are Qualified Purchasers


To receive information about the GlobalAlts FinTech Fund II, Unicorn II Fund, or other investment opportunities, please verify the following:

I am a Qualified Purchaser and meet one of the following criteria: (1) An individual or family owned business that owns $5 million or more in investments. If the purchaser is a family owned business, it cannot be formed solely for the purpose of investing in the fund. (2) a trust sponsored and managed by qualified purchasers, which wasn’t formed for the sole purpose of investing in the fund; (3) an individual or other entity that invests at least $25 million, either for their own accounts or on others’ behalf.  Like the other criteria, entities cannot have been formed for the specific purpose of investing in the fund. Examples in this category would be a professional investment manager or a corporation; or (4) Any entity, if all owners are qualified purchasers. For the purposes of these definitions, “investments” include but are not necessarily limited to stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, other securities, as well as investment real estate, futures contracts, physical commodities, financial contracts, and cash and equivalents. It does not include the primary residence.

By clicking on the “Agree” button and providing my name, email address and contact information, below I hereby attest that:

  1. I am a qualified purchaser (as defined above);
  2. I am opting in to receive information from Global Alternatives Investment Management LLC (“Global Alts”) with respect to private investment opportunities;
  3. I shall treat the information I receive from Global Alts as confidential and will not share information with any other person or party without the expressed written consent of Global Alternative Investment Management LLC; and,
  4. I understand that by submitting this request that I am under no obligation to invest.

    All investments involve risk and potential loss of capital and, unless otherwise stated, are not insured or guaranteed. Interests in any alternative investment vehicle are offered only pursuant to the terms of a Confidential Private Placement Memorandum (the “Memorandum”), which is furnished only to accredited and/or qualified investors on a confidential basis for their consideration in connection with the private offering of limited partnership interests. For additional information on the risks of alternative investments, please visit our website.